Tesla surprised and delivered 90,650 cars, shares at the top and Musk laughs at the shorters


Tesla announced that it has delivered 90,650 electric cars to customers in the past quarter Tesla Model S, Model X, Model Y a Model 3.

Sales of Tesla electric cars were not significantly disrupted even by the global epidemic.
photo: Tesla

Initial estimates put the number at between 60 and 70,000, mainly due to the worldwide epidemic of the Chinese coronavirus COVID-19. So Tesla was fundamentally surprised, although it is a 5% decrease year-on-year.

In the 2nd quarter Tesla produced a total of 82,272 electric cars (75 946 Tesla Model 3, 6326 Tesla Model S/Tesla Model X).

Favorable numbers were, of course, also reflected in the share price, which rose over $ 1,200 / share. Tesla has become the most valuable carmaker in the worldwhen it overtook the Japanese brand Toyota.

That’s why you’re now Elon Musk, Tesla ‘s boss, he can on his Twitter poking fun at “shorters”. That is, people who bet on the decline in the price of Tesla shares.


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