Tesla Model Y global price difference reaches 2 million yuan; Taiwan is the world’s fifth most expensive | Anue tycoon

US Tesla (ATS-US) The Model Y SUV is a global hot seller and is expected to win the top five best-selling models this year and is the only electric car to make the top five. However, the Model Y price difference in various markets exceeds US$63,000 (New Taiwan dollar 2 million yuan), among which the price in Taiwan is the fifth most expensive in the world.

China is the country with the lowest Model Y price. After Tesla’s price cut last month, the Model Y’s starting price isRMB 288,900 yuan (US$40,500,New Taiwan dollar 1.25 million yuan). Singapore was the most expensive country at SGD 142,471 (US$103,800,New Taiwan dollar 3.21 million yuan), which does not include the goods tax, list and other expenses.

In Taiwan, the Model Y price is the world’s fifth most expensive. Standard equipment price starts at US $ 73,755., Hong Kong cheap.

It’s also much cheaper for consumers to buy the Model Y in Japan than in Taiwan. The local starting price is $46,300, the sixth cheapest in the world.

Seth Goldstein, equity strategist at Morningstar Research Services, said: “In Singapore, Israel, etc., cars are generally more expensive due to higher tax rates, tariffs, listing costs, etc. compared to China and Europe “. and market demand and competition also influence price setting.

It cannot be denied that the cost to consumers of buying a Tesla in Singapore could be as expensive as buying a house. The main reason is that the number of permit certificates is limited and people have to bid for them in auctions twice a month. Tesla’s Certificate of Entitlement rose to a record $116,577 in November and is nearly as expensive as the Model Y itself.

By comparison, Tesla sells relatively cheaply in the Chinese market, mainly because competition in the world’s largest electric vehicle market is fierce. New automakers such as BYD and NIO have launched new models and launched promotional activities to challenge Tesla.

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