Tesla in California has opened the largest Supercharger in the world

About halfway between San Francisco and Los Angeles, the largest charging station has currently opened Tesla Supercharger.

The Tesla Supercharger network of charging stations is one of the main competitive advantages of the American brand.
photo: Tesla

New The Tesla Supercharger is currently equipped with 56 v3 charging standsthat handle the latest electric cars Tesla Model 3 a Tesla Model Y charge with power up to 250 kW. There is room for about a dozen other stands.

The charging station is located in Firebaugh. Location and opening time are not random. Los Angeles and San Francisco are without debate for Tesla the two largest markets. Moreover, it was in this area that queues formed at the Superchargers during the holidays.

The new charging station will thus significantly relieve the holiday congested network. In addition, it seems from the videos from the site that about 10 stands could be added to the existing 56.

The station itself is covered with a roof of solar panels. Across the street there is a restaurant and snacks. The largest Tesla Supecharger charger to date had 50 stands and was located in China.

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