Tesla had a mobile application outage, some drivers could not get into the car

American carmaker Tesla is facing a major outage of its mobile application. In some cases, owners of its electric cars cannot, for example, open their car. Tesla is currently using a mobile application to unlock it, and if the driver does not have a backup solution (such as a card), he may have a problem.

About the outage informs Bloomberg, for example. According to user reports on the DownDetector server the problems concern both the American continent and Europe.

“I wanted to log in to see how my car was charging and I found out that I would not get into the application at all,” describes one of the affected drivers for Lupa. Michal Najman. “I tried to call customer support, but even after ten minutes, no one answered me – the line is probably congested,” he added.

Author: Michal Najman

Error message displayed to users

According to information from other drivers, Tesla cars can usually be opened by mobile phone even if the application is offline. “You don’t need an internet connection to unlock Tesla with your mobile phone. Everything takes place offline using BLE or NFC, ” writes one of them on Twitter. However, the problem may occur if the car owner, for example, believed that it would help, uninstalled the application and tried to install it again.

UPDATE 22:30 – according to drivers’ reports, the application works again.

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