Tesla Cybertruck, CyberLandr and the non-standard project for a house on wheels

Cybertruck it is certainly the boldest and most controversial project we have seen from Tesla so far. Although about two years have passed since its introduction, the production process is still slow and its start has been postponed from next year.

When will the Tesla Cybertruck appear?

We will have to wait

However, this did not stop the enthusiasts from Stream It, a software and artificial intelligence company, which presented their patented project named CyberLandr.

The idea came to CEO Lance King after realizing that Cybertruck’s unusual design made it unsuitable for caravans and trailers on the market. And it seems to him a great idea if you have the car in question, to have a home on wheels, buying additional equipment.

According to King, the recreational vehicle industry has been the same for the last half century, so the company wants to bring a fresh breath to it. But there is one important condition – to get Cyberturck firstwhose price is not included in the services that Stream It offers.

Thanks to software developers, artificial intelligence and their creativity, employees want to give their customers a real Tesla experience, but not only when it comes to moving from point A to point B, but also for life on four wheels. And it seems the idea is gathering its fans.

The company presents its project in April this year and aims to gather 100-200 interested future customers per month. But they turn out to be much more – as many as 1,000. So they have already collected over $ 80 million in pre-orders and the amount continues to grow daily, Business Insider reports.

Of course, all this happens not without the “approval” of Elon Musk, which some time ago defined as a “cool” video that presents the idea of ​​CyberLandr. And here’s what she really is.

For about 50 thousand dollars we can get (since we already have Cybertruck) with extra space, which fits perfectly in the rear of the electric car. Through a retractable ladder and a sliding door we get access to kitchen with everything you need and even a little on top – as a mixer with voice commands, as well as to small living room that can be transformed into an office or bedroom.

Tesla, Mattell Creations and the collector's Cybertruck remotely

Tesla launches collectible Cybertruck remotely

The only Cybertruck we can own soon

There is also underfloor heating and a fully equipped bathroom with a chemical toilet.

And to power all this are added powerful 500-watt solar panels. The mini caravan weighs 544 kg. and reduces Cybertruck’s power by just 5%, which sounds great. Now it remains to start the production of the electric car …



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