Tesla Arrests Cops, Who Are Mocked By Offenders | Machine

The arrest of a cyclist turned into a sham operation for the police in Basel, Switzerland. The reason: Tesla police arrested the agents, after which they were mocked by the offenders.

The Basel Police Department had seven Tesla Model X 100D in the fleet, but that didn’t go according to plan this weekend, according to Zeitung of Basel and the Prime News online platform. Officers reportedly wanted to check out two cyclists in central Basel, after which one stopped diligently. The second decided to flee.

‘Doors locked’

To arrest the man, the officers tried to get out of the electric car. “However, this failed because the vehicle’s doors were locked,” the report said. The person on the bike noticed this and then joked about the “captured” agents. The “fugitive” drove at a crawl in front of the Tesla and the officers could not do anything.

Escape the hatch

Eventually, according to officials, the cyclist got into the 525hp Tesla and then fled on foot. Despite their unfortunate situation, an officer managed to grab the fugitive by the neck through the open window and force him to stop. The officer climbed out the window and the other was finally able to slip through the back door on the left, which opened about two feet.

The police are very happy with Tesla

A police spokesman admitted that the technical problem was potentially life-threatening for the officers, but an emergency opening via a lanyard was possible during the chase. According to the police, the officers have been trained for this. So far, there is no known case in which a police car crew failed to get out of their vehicle. The Basel police are very satisfied with Tesla. However, Nissan Leaf models have been purchased since early 2021.

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