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His intensive Twitter activities have already caused Elon Musk some trouble, first and foremost a message about an alleged stock exchange purchase of Tesla at the price of then (before the split 1: 5) 420 dollars per share. A shareholder is currently suing Tesla because, contrary to an agreement with the SEC, the company is not keeping its CEO in check after this message on Twitter. But Musk still seems very unwilling to allow any barriers to be imposed: At the end of March, Tesla was convicted of getting him to delete a Twitter message from 2018, but the company has now appealed.

Union sued Tesla

The proceedings before the US National Labor Relations Board involved a dispute between Tesla and an employee who tried to convince colleagues to join the UAW auto unions. He was fired in 2017, and in 2019 a court ruled that Tesla must reverse that. The Labor Board, which also has a judicial function, upheld this judgment at the end of March and expanded it in part.

It was also decided in 2019 that a Twitter message from CEO Musk violated US labor law in this regard, and the Labor Board also agreed with this assessment. In it, the Tesla boss had stated that nothing was stopping the team at the Fremont plant from organizing itself. But he also asked the rhetorical question why one should pay contributions to the union “for nothing” and forego stock options, which was interpreted as a threat to him.

Musk message continues on the net

Tesla must get its CEO to delete this illegal message, the Labor Board ruled in late March. But last Friday, Tesla appealed the entire verdict to the responsible Court of Appeals in New Orleans, as reported by several US media. So the company not only does not want to delete Musk’s message, but also does not want to reinstate the unionist and not, as also requested, post notices at its location worldwide that the CEO will adhere to Twitter rules in the future.

In the appeal, Tesla moves to review the Labor Board’s decision, reports the news agency Reuters. Otherwise, nothing was initially known about the arguments in the motion. But it should at least have a suspensive effect. It was German time on Tuesday afternoon the controversial Twitter message in any case still accessible.

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