Tesla almost king. The Model 3 almost surpassed the VW Golf in European sales in June

Only 1,550 units were missing and the June ranking of the best-selling cars in Europe had an unexpected winner. The electric Tesla Model 3 narrowly caught up with the Volkswagen Golf in a monthly order. While VW sold 27,247 Golfs, Elona Muska delivered 25,697 Models 3. This is according to data from the analytical company JATO Dynamics.

Given its position in the rankings, the Model 3 recorded a hard-to-believe increase in sales of 262 percent compared to last June, compared to June 2019, which was still a significant 129 percent. Golf in the same comparison grew by twelve, or decreased by 27 percent.

The result is largely due to the imbalance in Tesel’s deliveries, which often recorded high sales in the last month of the quarter. On the other hand, it is not even a unique excess that could be taken lightly. From January to June, 66,530 Models 3 were sold in Europe, making the car the most popular electric car and the 25th most popular car ever.

The average monthly sales of the Model 3 (approx. 11,088 units) are then comparable to the June profit of such variables as the BMW 3 Series (12,294 units) or VW Passat (10,191 units), they are not far from the result of the Škoda Octavia (13,565 units). ).

The numbers also significantly surpass a number of Tesla’s European electrical competitors. In June, VW sold 6999 ID.3 hatchbacks and 6,315 ID.4 SUVs, and Škoda reported 5,949 Enyaqs. In total, these three models on the MEB Tesle Group’s platform did not match the store in June.

Model 3 is according to JATO Dynamics the best-selling car in Austria, Norway, Switzerland and the United Kingdom, it also reached the top 10 in Denmark, France, Germany, Ireland, Luxembourg and Sweden.

Tesla’s sales are, of course, helped by the growing interest in plug-in cars, which in June 2021 accounted for 18 percent of the European market, the share of diesels fell to 21 percent, and petrol to 58 percent. The share of electric cars is growing significantly in countries such as Norway (+24 percentage points), Sweden (+24 percentage points) or Denmark (+21 percentage points).

On the contrary, in Slovakia, Poland or Romania the share of electric cars and plug-in hybrids is rather stagnant. The fact that internal combustion cars have not yet been written off is also proven by Dacie Sandero’s strong result in third place.

The entire car market then developed better in June than a year ago. According to JATO Dynamics, 1.27 million cars were sold in Europe, compared to 1.12 million last year. However, sales are still not at the level of the pre-people year 2019, when 1.47 million new cars found the owner.

Check out the gallery for the June top 10 in the European market.


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