Terville. Attack the Batigère employee to steal his access badge

In the afternoon of 14 December, summoned for a knife and tear gas attack, the police went to the Place de l’Ile de France in Terville. On the spot, the crews go hunting for the one described by the Batigère employee who has suffered abuse. A victim attacked because he had an access badge that opened the doors of buildings in the neighborhood, a key that the attacker coveted. The police quickly cross a figure who then starts to run. A young Tervillois whose appearance and clothing could very well match the appearance of the perpetrator.

The young defendant wanted to obtain this pass by force, assures the victim. A version that the agent will defend during the trial on December 19, at the Thionville court, but which the defendant will deny from start to finish.

“Give me the pass or I’ll crash you!” »

Called to testify at the bar, the employee who has returned does not change his version one iota. ” That person [désigne-t-il du doigt à l’audience, NDLR] rang the bell and entered. I saw her eyes surrounded by a black scarf. He pulled out a switchblade and said to me: “Give me the pass or I’ll crash you!”. I immediately informed my manager that he managed to take a picture of him in the distance. If I’m here today, it’s because I don’t want my aggression to happen to anyone else. I’m not trying to get money. »

From his box, 19-year-old Omare Konté, dressed as the aggressor, swears: “It’s not me. Maybe he’s confusing me with someone. “In the photo taken by the manager, continues the prosecutor, we see a person with the same outfit as you waiting between two cars not far from the building, and delivering an object to a third person. The person concerned has already been pinched for cracking down on the Capucins shopping center at the beginning of the year. Prosecutor Brice Partouche has called for a sentence that he says deserves “to shift gears” in terms of the criminal response. Or two years’ imprisonment with continued detention, partial revocation of the conditional suspension and prohibition to stay for 2 years in Thionville and Terville. The North Moselle court opted for 18 months in prison with continuous detention, the revocation of a previous sentence of up to 3 months, a ban on staying at and around the place of arrest, as well as a ban on possession of a current weapon for a period of 5 years.

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The identity of the defendants is published by one year in prison.

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