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Terry Gou Announces Independent Run for Presidency: Striving for Joint Signatures

The founder of Hon Hai, Terry Gou, held a press conference on the “Mainstream Public Opinion Alliance” on the 28th, announcing that he will participate in the independent election and strive for joint signatures to run for the presidency.

On May 17, the KMT announced that it would recruit Hou Youyi, the current mayor of New Taipei City, to run for the presidential election. Guo Taiming failed in his bid for the election.

Although Guo Taiming posted a message on Facebook to support Hou Youyi, after returning to Taiwan from the United States in early August, he not only traveled frequently to other places, but also established the “Mainstream Public Opinion Alliance” and held campaigns in many places. So far, he has participated in 10 campaigns and is regarded as Paving the way for an independent run. In 2019, Guo Taiming and Han Guoyu competed in the party’s primary election, and finally Han Guoyu qualified, and Guo Taiming quit the Kuomintang.

Guo Taiming said at the election press conference that his candidacy is to promote the integration of the opposition. If the opposition is not integrated, it will be cheaper for the Democratic Progressive Party’s presidential candidate Lai Qingde. Only integration can win. He called on the opposition to jointly discuss appropriate integration methods to find candidates who meet the expectations of the people, achieve political party rotation, and terminate the continued ruling of the DPP.

Guo Taiming pointed out that Taiwan’s future president needs to have insight into industrial development, an understanding of the world economic situation, and more importantly, the ability to lead the people out of problems. This is the leadership that Taiwan’s future president needs. “Enterprise The time has come for the family to rule the country.”

Guo Taiming emphasized that he is the only entrepreneur with management capabilities among several presidential candidates. He promises to bring peace to the Taiwan Strait for the next 50 years, and begs the people of Taiwan to give him four years to allow the economic growth rate to exceed the current rate. Doubling it will also allow Taiwan to surpass Singapore within 20 years and become the richest man in Asia with the highest GDP per capita in Asia.

Guo Taiming said that he didn’t have to choose, but the middle voice he represented could not be absent. He hoped that he would become the greatest common denominator of unity. In the future, he would continue to invite the opposition camp to sit down and drink coffee, and work together to achieve the goal.

Terry Gou’s Golden Gate Peace Declaration and Peace Initiative

Before announcing his candidacy, Guo Taiming first arrived in Kinmen on the eve of the 65th anniversary of the 8.23 ​​Artillery Battle, participated in the “Mainstream Public Opinion Alliance” promotional dinner, and delivered a speech on the “Kinmen Peace Initiative” at the dinner.

Prior to this, Guo Taiming also issued the “Kinmen Peace Declaration”, advocating that on the basis of the principle of “one China, all representations”, stand firm on the stand of the Republic of China, re-negotiate with mainland China, and use Kinmen as the new permanent negotiation venue.

Guo TaimingexpressTherefore, after he published the “Kinmen Peace Declaration”, he further proposed the “Kinmen Peace Initiative”.

The content of the initiative includes preparations for the establishment of the “Golden Gate Peace Initiative Foundation”, initially with 20 million US dollars as the initial fund, promoting the “Cross-Strait Peace Consultation Office”, “Cross-Strait Peace Strategy Research Institute”, establishing new media platforms, and promoting the establishment of colleges and universities Peace awards and scholarships to promote cross-Strait exchanges for peaceful development.

On August 23, 2023, Guo Taiming visited Lieyu Township, Taiwan to build momentum.Photo: Chen Zhuohui/Duan Media

2024 Presidential Election “Four-legged Superintendents” Formed

After Guo Taiming announced his candidacy, it added uncertain factors to the situation that Lai Qingde, Hou Youyi, and Ke Wenzhe were originally determined to run for the 2024 presidential election. According to a number of polls released recently, DPP candidate Lai Qingde is still in the lead, maintaining a certain distance from the second place.

The “Former Island Electronic News”, which continues to track the polls of the presidential election, announced on the 26thlatest resultsIn the situation where Lai, Hou and Ke are running for election, Lai Qingde’s support rate is 41.7%, Ke Wenzhe 21.3%, and Hou Youyi 17.3%. 39.1%, Ke Wenzhe 17.7%, Hou Youyi 16.3%, Guo Taiming 12%.

Prior to this, the “Taiwan Public Opinion Foundation” also announced the polls for the August general election on the 21st.showin a three-person election, Lai Qingde won 43.4% of the support and ranked first; the People’s Party Ke Wenzhe continued to rank second with 26.6%; Hou Youyi scored 13.6%, a new low.

Then use the “ETtoday Poll Cloud” to release the latest on the 21stpollLooking at the three-person situation, Lai Qingde temporarily ranks first with 35.4% support, Hou Youyi is second with 25.6%, and Ke Wenzhe is closely behind with 24.2%. If Guo Taiming enters the election campaign, the results of the “ETtoday Poll Cloud” poll show that Lai Qingde still temporarily ranks first with 34.0%, followed by Hou Youyi with 23.3%, Ke Wenzhe with 17.5%, and Guo Taiming with 13.6%.

Guo Taiming participated in the election, and it is generally believed that it will impact Ke Wenzhe’s election. On the 17th, the online media “Fengcan Media” polledshow, Guo Taiming’s participation in the election will absorb nearly 20% of Ke Wenzhe’s votes.When Ke Wenzhe was interviewed by an online program on August 2, he alsopointed out“If Guo Taiming runs for president, his chances of being elected president are zero, and Lai Qingde is 100% elected.”

Guo Taiming’s independent election requires 290,000 joint signatures

After Terry Gou announced his candidacy, he was unable to run for president through the recommendation of a political party, so he had to run for the election through joint signatures. According to Article 23 of the “Presidential Vice President Election and Recall Act”, the number of joint signatures must reach “1.5% of the total number of electors in the latest legislative election”. presidential candidate. And if the number of joint signatures does not reach half of the threshold, the deposit of 1 million yuan will be confiscated.

In addition, according to Article 22 of the same law, the political parties that can recommend candidates must have more than 5% of the valid votes in the 2020 general election. Those who meet the requirements include the Democratic Progressive Party, the Kuomintang, the People’s Party, and the Power of the Times. Tainan County Su Huanzhixuan, the former county magistrate and Taiwan Reformation Party member and convener, announced his candidacy earlier at the end of April, so it is bound to be signed.

Since the direct presidential election in 1996, a total of 33 groups of candidates have sought joint signatures in the seven presidential elections, and only five groups have met the criteria. In 1996, the pan-blue camp’s “Lin Yanggang, Hao Baicun”, “Chen Lu’an, Wang Qingfeng” independently ran for tickets and won tickets, but eventually lost to Lee Teng-hui, who represented the Kuomintang.

In the 2000 presidential election, James Soong, the current chairman of the People First Party, who failed to win the nomination of the Kuomintang, and Xu Xinliang, the former chairman of the Democratic Progressive Party who quit the party to run for the election, signed a joint signature to run for the election. The pan-blue split, although James Soong won 36.84% of the votes, the highest so far in the joint election, he still lost to Chen Shui-bian, who represented the Democratic Progressive Party in the election, Taiwan’s first political party rotation.

In the 2012 presidential election, Chairman James Soong of the People First Party joined the petition again and ran for president for the second time. Ma Ying-jeou represented the Kuomintang, Tsai Ing-wen and James Soong represented the Democratic Progressive Party. In the end, Ma Ying-jeou was re-elected with more than half of the votes .

According to the plan of the Central Election Committee, the 2024 presidential election will accept “applications to be joint signatories for the election of the president and vice president” from September 13 to 17, accept documents until November 2, and announce the president and vice president before November 14. The results of the presidential election joint signature. Due to the joint signature regulations, the names of the candidates for the presidential and vice president must appear together on the joint signature letter. Who will be Terry Gou’s deputy is bound to become the focus of attention from the outside world.

Judging from James Soong, who successfully obtained tickets for the presidential election with his joint signature last time, in the 2000 presidential election, James Soong won950,000 valid joint signatures; In 2012, Soong Chuyu ran again independently, and the number of joint signatures445,000 copies. With the popularity of the general election sprint, these two numbers can be regarded as the ceiling and the floor of Guo Taiming. In the end, how many joint signatures Guo Taiming can urge, you need to observe the local organizational energy and personal charm of “Guo Dong”.

However, the day before Guo Taiming officially announced his candidacy, Yang Zhiliang, the former Director of Health and Guo Taiming’s political adviser, stood for Guo at the Hsinchu rally.pointed outNegative news such as domestic violence and suicide are frequent in Taiwanese society today, all because the public “can’t fix President Tsai Ing-wen, can’t fix Premier Chen Chien-jen”, which has caused an uproar in Taiwanese society, and this unscripted performance is expected to be announced by Terry Gou. The first issue under scrutiny after running for election.

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