terrorist Sayfullo Saipov “guilty”

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Sayfullo Saipov, during his trial in New York on January 9. JANE ROSENBERG/REUTERS

This Uzbek, self-proclaimed “soldier of the caliphate” who killed eight people and injured a dozen others in New York in 2017, faces life imprisonment or even the death penalty, despite a permanent moratorium on federal executions decreed in 2021.

New York

Guilty, all the way. Sayfullo Saipov received no leniency from a New York federal jury. After a three-week trial, twelve jurors found him guilty on the twenty-eight counts against him, eight of which were for “murder with a view to joining the Islamic State (…) which are punishable by death or life imprisonment” according to the Manhattan Federal Prosecutor’s Office.

Eight, like the number of people murdered on a sunny Monday, October 31, 2017, Halloween: a 31-year-old Belgian, five Argentinians from a group of ten friends who came to celebrate thirty years of complicity since their high school years; and two Americans. A dozen people were also injured, including the Belgian Marion van Reeth, who had both legs amputated, and her husband, Aristide Melissas. All of them, mown down on their bikes by the terrorist at the controls of a rental van launched at 100 km/h on the West Side bike path. The racing car will finish its race…

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