Terrorist attack in Jerusalem: details appeared

Hamas militant staged a terrorist attack at the Temple Mount in Jerusalem

The shooting at the people was opened by a Hamas militant, a 26-year-old immigrant from South Africa, who worked as a guide at the Western Wall.

Shooting at entrance to the Temple Mount in Jerusalem arranged by a Hamas militant. About it informs Times of Israel Sunday 21 November.

Police found the attacker Eliyahu David Kay, a 26-year-old immigrant from South Africa, who worked as a tour guide at the Western Wall. The man took a submachine gun, went out into the streets of the Old City and opened fire on passers-by.

The man fired at three Israelites who were passing by the entrance to the Temple Mount, fatally wounding one of them.

Two policemen came running to the sound of gunfire and opened fire on the terrorist, then two more law enforcement officers joined them.

The terrorist was hospitalized with a wound, but the hospital pronounced him dead. Two police officers with minor injuries were also taken to the hospital.

“This is the second terrorist attack in Jerusalem in recent days. I have instructed the security forces to mobilize appropriately and show vigilance due to concerns about such attacks,” said Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett.

Recall that earlier two cars were blown up in Kabul… So far, no terrorist organization has claimed responsibility for the bombings that killed at least four people.

It was also reported that terrorist attacks occurred in Uganda… Two suicide bombers on motorcycles detonated a bomb at the entrance to the parliament, one of the passers-by was killed.

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