‘Terror Theo’ about his behavior in the Big Brother house: ‘Partly played’ | Entertainment

entertainment“>In a video on the Instagram channel of Big Brother the former candidate confesses that his behavior in the house was partly played out. “That was the Theo who was very loud, cursing, all that.”

entertainment“>In their own words, found According to the that he played well the part that was supposed to get him far into the game. “But I was glad I could let it go in the end. It became one struggle for me.”

entertainment“>The Amsterdammer became increasingly unhappy in the house. “I could only lose to one person and that was my own and that has happened. I have lost myself. I became more and more unhappy and I am afraid that I will make statements that I certainly do not mean. ”

entertainment“>Theo regrets some of the statements. “I don’t regret the game, how I played it, certainly not. Regret some of the statements that I have hurt people. Yes, I certainly have. ”

entertainment“>Theo was soon renamed Terror Theo by viewers, because of his present and outspoken character. He volunteered it on Thursday morning after two weeks Big Brotherleave home.

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