Terror of 100 Thousand Pythons in America


They are python has become a big problem in the state of Florida, United States. There are so many of them and they become pests that it makes the local government dizzy.

Even as an effort to reduce the population of this giant snake, a Python Challenge event will be held from August 5-14, 2022, where residents can hunt pythons with the lure of cash prizes.

It is estimated that the event will kill hundreds or even thousands of pythons. However, the impact is considered not to be significant because of the large number.

“The presence of pythons in the swamps of the Everglades has become an ecological disaster and must be addressed. The hunt will help, but it may only be at the tip of the iceberg,” said animal expert Dale R Jackson, quoted from Newsweek, Wednesday (22/6/2022) .

This Burmese Python in Florida is native to Southeast Asia. The population exploded starting in the 1990s, many pythons entered the United States from the animal trade.

The population continues to grow because there are no natural predators in Florida. They are python which can grow up to 7 meters long is also fast to breed because the eggs are very much. The total population is uncertain, but is estimated to be around 100,000 individuals.

The python destroys local ecosystems and preys on local animals so that their numbers plummet. There is no effective method to reduce python population yet. The citizens can kill him without the need for permission.

Since 2013, a python hunting event has been held as an effort to suppress the increase in snakes. For 10 days, participants hunted as many pythons as possible with prize money awarded to those who caught the most, largest or longest snakes.

Firearms are prohibited in this event in order to kill pythons properly. They are python must be made unconscious, then there is a device to damage its brain until the snake dies.

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