Terror in Lugano, two women stabbed in the shopping center: following the terrorist trail

A 28-year-old Swiss citizen, just before 2 pm, inside the Manor department store in Piazza Dante in Lugano, injured two women, the first grabbing her by the neck and wounding the second in the neck with a stabbing weapon. The 28-year-old was blocked by a couple of clients and then arrested by the cantonal police who in a statement did not rule out the terrorist trail. According to some testimonies collected by the newspaper ” La Regione ”, the 28-year-old would have shouted at Isis.

The attack took place on the fifth floor of the department store. An unprecedented bloody event in Lugano that aroused alarm and concern. Information, as often happens in the Canton of Ticino, is fragmented, as well as scarce. For what little the stabber learned after approaching the two women attacked them shouting slogans attributable to ISIS. After the injury, the 28-year-old tried to escape, but crossed the sturdy arms of the two clients, who blocked her until the cantonal police officers arrived and arrested the girl taken to the cantonal offices. The 28-year-old is under interrogation. It was learned that the girl’s home in a town in the Lugano area was searched. The cantonal police, which, as mentioned, does not exclude the terrorist trail, is working in close collaboration with the federal police office fedpol, the City of Lugano police. A spokesman for the cantonal police to the microphones of the Radio of Italian Switzerland said: “There are serious and well-founded elements that do not exclude the terrorist matrix”. The investigation is coordinated by the Ticino judiciary. According to an initial medical evaluation, the victim stabbed in the neck sustained serious but not life-threatening injuries, while the other woman sustained minor injuries. The two clients who blocked the wounded woman and other witnesses present at the time of the attack were also accompanied to the offices of the cantonal police. Among those who were heard by ” La Regione ” there is a merchant whose shop overlooks Piazza Dante: «We are living through a difficult period. We note that due to the restrictive measures linked to the pandemic, people are more nervous and often react badly. They told me that the young stabber would shout ISIS-related slogans. If this were true, it would be a further cause for concern ».

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