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Studies have found that Wufei virus may remain in the brains of patients after infection and relapse in those who think they have recovered. (Schematic diagram, Reuters data photo)

[Compiling Chen Chengliang/Comprehensive Report]The symptoms of Wuhan pneumonia (new coronavirus disease, COVID-19) are constantly changing, from the initial flu symptoms to heart infections, disturbances in smell and taste, and even brain diseases. The latest research has also found that the Wufei virus may remain in the brains of patients after infection and relapse in those who think they have recovered!

The report of the research team of Georgia State University in the United States has passed peer review and published in the international academic journal Viruses. The study found that after white mice in the laboratory were infected with the virus through the nasal cavity, even if the lungs had eliminated the virus, they would develop serious illnesses due to brain infections.

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Mukesh Kumar, an assistant professor in the Department of Biology at Georgia State University, the lead author of the study, said: “Many people think they have COVID, and they are now recovering and no longer suffering from the disease. (However) I think this will never It will be true, and you may be trapped here for life.”

Kumar also pointed out that the brain is one of the most favorite organs of the Wu lung virus, because studies have found that the concentration of the virus in the brain is 1,000 times that of other parts of the body.

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He said: “This is why we see such a serious disease and all these multiple symptoms, such as heart disease, stroke, and all the sequelae of loss of smell and taste, and these are related to the brain, not the lungs.”

The study also pointed out that survivors of COVID-19 infected with the brain will also have an increased risk of future health problems, including autoimmune diseases, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis and general cognitive decline.

A previous study in the United Kingdom also found that some martial arts patients caused acute mental confusion due to brain damage, and developed symptoms of “delirium” (delirium) such as seeing dead relatives and friends. (research reportURL

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