Terrifying! This is the Sound of the Mysterious and Scary Aurora Borealis

Ilustrasi Aurora / Freepik

JAKARTA, kilat.com- Aurora borealis is a beautiful dance of light across the sky. If you want to observe this brilliant natural wonder, you should go to countries near the North Pole, preferably the Scandinavian countries.

But did you know that when the aurora dances in the sky, it produces a ghost sound. Investigations into this show that this terrifying sound is produced even if the aurora is not visible in the sky.

The sounds associated with these aurorae have been mentioned in regional folklore and stories shared by locals.

For Laine, ac acoustic engineers from Alto University in Finland have been able to record this ghostly sound. At the EUROREGIO/BNAM2022 Joint Acoustic Conference in Denmark, Laine presented his findings.

“This invalidates the argument that aurora sounds are very rare and the aurora borealis should be very bright and vivid,” Laine said.

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These sounds seem to be produced even when the aurora is not visible.

Researchers have also identified where exactly these sounds are coming from in the atmosphere. It was found that these sounds were produced at an altitude of about 70 to 100 meters. Such a low altitude has surprised scientists because the aurora results from the interaction of solar particles with Earth’s very high magnetic field. (nda)

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