Terrible, 2 Twin Girls Executed Shoot and Live on Instagram


PACAJUS – Two 18 year old twin sisters in wanita Brazil executed at gunpoint by a member of a drug trafficking gang. Terrible again, that execution live or posted live on Instagram.

Amalia Alves and Amanda Alves were shot dead because the twin sisters knew too much about an incident involving a drug dealer.

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Impressions of the shooting have been viewed thousands of times. Both victims were recorded to have become mothers.

The bodies of the two were found just hours after they were killed by the roadside behind a property complex in Pacajus, Brazil.

Amanda Alves has left behind a three year old daughter, while her twin sister; Amalia Alves, has become a mother to a son who is only six months old.

A suspect in the case has been arrested on suspicion of bloodshed. The suspect, Mateus Abreu, who is only 17 years old, is being questioned by local police.

Video footage shows the twins’ final harrowing moments as they kneel next to each other on a dirty roadside.

Local media reports cited The Mirror, Wednesday (07/21/2021) said the two were forced to tie their hair into a bun before Abreu aimed a gun at the back of their skull and fired the lethal bullet.



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