Tero is shocked !! BG prepares to send Mui-shredded really this Saturday.

BG Pathum United is preparing to send “Mui” Teerasil Dang Da and Diogo Luis Santo into the field for the first time together. On this Saturday to visit Police Tero

Thai Football League this weekend Big matches and highlights are a pair of Police Tero FC Open house meet BG Pathum United On Saturday, February 6, 64 at 6:30 p.m. at Bunyachinda Stadium

On the side of “Coach Ong” Dusit Chalermsaen The coach of the BG Pathum United team has popped out that Will send a pair of strikers “Mui” Teerasil Daengda and Diogo Luis Santo Entering the field to be real for the first time

“Now both Dioco and Teerasil are more adaptable. And have a satisfactory physical condition and fitness By training they make our attacking game more diverse. Because both of them can play in any position in the offensive line “

“As for having to compete frequently There may be some problems. But both of them are highly professional. They would be happy if the team would perform rotations. Because the Thai League program is quite heavy during this period “

“however All teams will have to face situations like this the same. So probably not an excuse. And it is a good test of whether we are suitable for the championship. “

For now, BG Pathum United is leading the Thai League with 44 points from 16 games, leaving 7 points behind the Port Authority of FC.




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