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Covid’s lapalia causes a lot of grief to families. The legendary actress Jana Brejchová (82) is one of those who cannot see their loved ones due to quarantine, visitor bans and similar measures. “I understand the situation, but of course I would like to see it,” said daughter Tereza Brodská (53) to eXtra.cz. She could only leave her gifts for her mother at the gatehouse of the hospital for the long-term sick.

Jana Brejchová: Birthday alone

Sadly, even though the staff of similar facilities try to protect their clients from a possible covid infection, they are also actually hurting them with a total loss of social contact with their loved ones.

He is in a similar situation now actress Jana Brejchováwho celebrated her 82nd birthday on January 20, 2022.

“I am alone she had heard the stories of those who, because of the bans, had not had the opportunity to say goodbye to their loved ones. I know that it could probably be arranged to see that there are court decisions and the like, but I don’t like doing anything like that for people who take great care of their mother, “Said eXtra.cz Tereza Brodská.

Noise due to dilution

“We are mothers at least they brought a supply of her favorite chocolates Milka and Coca-Cola, someone took it over at the gatehouse and brought it to her. She loves both. And Milka has to be the most ordinary one. When I bought her another one, she was cute in the way she immediately recognized it and read it to me. And he loves those cola. She could slowly advertise both companies, “the actress smiles.

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“We wondered if it wouldn’t be too much sugar because of it all the blood results still turn out great. So what would you not like at your age and situation? In addition when they tried to dilute her cola in the ward, she made it clear that she really wasn’t, “Says the daughter to the address of her beloved mother.

Memory problems

Jana Brejchová suffers from long-term and short-term memory loss. He gets to know his children, even though there are sometimes situations where he is completely different.

“There are days when it’s great, other times it’s in its world,” is the reconciled Teresa, who was touched when one of the journalists put in her mouth that her mother was a “lager”.

“It is undignified and I do not believe that I would ever say such a thing. She is simply a patient who is dependent on the bed, ”He says.

Unfortunately, even modern technology will not help her in contact with her mother. “Would you at least talk to us remotely via video call?” Unfortunately, my mother does not control these conveniences, “ added for eXtra.cz Tereza Brodská.

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