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Twelve hours below the phase: the
routines upon awakening, the
improvisations with the guitar under the tent with the hammock, doubts on shoes

BARLETTA – What occurs on stage can only be absolutely recognized by spying behind the scenes. Julian
Sangiorgi leaping in the arms of a Jovanotti as if he were the large brother he has not found in months. The two who let them selves be fooled by Checco
Zalone before 30 thousand people today. An unreleased improvised trio, without having even the proof rescue internet, with Gianni Morandi and Biagio Antonacci. The explosive vitality of Lorenzo which is on phase for 8 several hours and also that of an viewers that is less than the sun for a complete day. The behind the scenes of the Jova Seaside Celebration – And flip of

21 dates in 9 beach locations (an airport, a racecourse and a meadow in the mountains) – the ideal mirror to interpret the display.

7.30: the preparations

A Barletta the day starts early. The to start with supporters are in front of the gates at 7.30. Towels on the asphalt of the seafront, get a broomstick with the Neapolitan papers, a scroll to the social networks, a selfie. In addition toemotion of the concertalso good to invest all working day with close friendssuggests Alessandro, 22 yrs aged. He arrives from Trani, all-around the corner. Giulia, on the other hand, traveled virtually 700 kilometers to be there. she remaining two times previously from Syracuse by motor vehicle with her sister Federica who is 15 several years outdated and al initial concert of his everyday living: My father dedicated me For you when I was born: mine 26 a long time with Jova they started off like this. In the barrier space there is also Angela, a pensioner from Cori, province of Latina: GiovannaI’ve noticed him develop, as an artist and as a person, given that he was a kid. And then there is also Morandi … consequently double consent. In parallel with the migration of the enthusiasts, Lorenzo’s working day gets underway.

The alarm clock at 7, a small later the day soon after the concert (I do not switch off before 4 in the morning) and promptly education, without having getting to go to breakfast. I do workout routines to activate the entire body, respiration … A very little ‘I navigate by sight and how my daughter she acquired how to crochet with YouTube tutorials, I comply with American biohacking tutorials, and hear to the authorities a small. A personnel of physiotherapists – Fabrizio Borra and his sons Daniele and Luca – follows him as if he ended up an athlete: customized exercise routines, submit live performance massages, hydration degree checks. an intense encounter and I will have to always sense good. Among drinking water and terer, the Argentine mate that is well prepared chilly in summertime, comes to 7-10 liters of liquids for every working day throughout the exhibit she consumes 7 drinking water bottles, 1 with a teaspoon of table salt. The tiredness of this tour is also accountability. When I do my solo bike rides, I halt any time I want. Right here I am necessary. Diet regime also researched: It can take a equilibrium which is dependent on the heal: not that right after the concert I go out to make myself pizza and beer. To make the most of it, I concentrate all meals in 8 several hours. Close to 10 am breakfast with yogurt or substitute milks, dried fruit and seeds. All-around 11 a gentle lunch with fish or eggs and vegetables, no meat or carbs. At 6pm a comparable meal. I’m not a fundamentalist, no -ism, but I understand that if I take in particular meals I am significantly less in shape.

15.30: the protagonists

Jova comes at 1.30pm. The 1st endeavor there laddercreated strictly by hand and photocopied for bands and specialists. More than a pageant, a party. People today trust Lorenzo and his options. You can fully grasp it from the reactions: absolutely everyone dances and receives associated even by mysterious company, reviews the supervisor Marco Sorrentino. No Jova, no Beach front Social gathering. Not a resalable format. one thing in his graphic and likeness. There is inside of his planet, his curiosity, his optimistic imagining, the inclination to obstacle and to seem elsewhere, to place together what if not would not match. A
Lorenzo’s sanctum sanctorum, protected by a reed bed, is accessed by passing below the Salgarian flag of the Mompracem tigers. In the center there is a yurt: a hammock to relaxation beneath the gaze of Our Lady of Guadalupe, a sofa, a desk with dried fruit, spices, minerals and solutions for the voice. Subsequent to it is the wardrobe with 150 unique pirate-stylish design objects designed by Maria Grazia Chiuri, imaginative director of Dior – and a room for administration and interaction curated by Dalia Gaberscik. Outside the house there are 3 other nomadic camp tents: one particular for the visitor artists (around 160, from 35 various nations around the world), one for the band and an region geared up as a rehearsal home that is the lung of artistic and human trade.

From early afternoon the backstage turns into a sea port. The mayor of Barletta delivers the t-shirt with the name of the metropolis a greeting to Benedetta Pilato, globe swimming champion. At 3.40 pm he requires the phase for the initially time. We are a sea going through a sea. What a flash … Have a wonderful journey !. Whilst there he normally takes his acoustic guitar and sings. It multiplies, usually on, contagious energy. Just after two years of compression, the spring released. In the community you sense the need to occasion and this yr all those who do my task get pleasure from like mad. You can see it on his deal with. a marathonan extraordinary actual physical examination, but he has entertaining as if he were the bride at the marriage. Offers and duets with SBAM companythe phase reserved for DJs and electronic audio, e with people of the Kontikiemerging and seems from the entire world. He comes down from one phase and appears on a different by moving on an electrical bike, followed like a shadow by his personalized Emiliano Segatori. At 5pm, relatives time. They arrive Francesca Valiani, the wife (on his Instagram the dwell displays of the clearly show with Pov from the stage), and Teresa, the daughter. Discussion on sneakers of Lorenzo, Teresa will make pleasurable of her father, but does not convince him to change. Shortly prior to the show, she’ll be placing on her Indigenous American fluo make-up. All around 6 pm the atmosphere in the glowing backstage. You improvise with your toes in the sand, the evolution of the schitarrata on the beach front all around the fal. The local climate that, but the amount from professionals a look of understanding is sufficient to improve the tempo, alter the tonality. He arrives Checco Zalone. It joins Giuliano Sangiorgi
. The humor of the comedian and the generosity of the chief of Negramaro mild up the instant. The designer Fabio Novembre dance unleashed. The next working day I will touch Biagio
Antonacci blend. Close to 7.15 pm he shows up Gianni
Morandi, common guest. I might pay back to stand in the center with the towel on the sand … I’m overcome by a wave of passion. A new phase in my job? usually like the first.

8 pm: the demonstrate

How sizzling. The safety sprays vaporized water with cannons and dives into the waves. You can pay attention to dwell new music even though soaking below the eye of 30 lifeguards on the turrets and jet skis. How wonderful to see a thing new – states Alessandro, warehouseman, 22 several years old – in a static town a lot more well-known for criminal offense information like my Barletta … A starting off place for us young folks not to flee to the north.

The geographically democratic JBP. It arrives exactly where the great live shows do not arrive and we are content with the avenue events. It normally takes 5 times to set up and 2 days to disassemble and thoroughly clean. a generation well worth 20 million euros, 150 persons on tour and another 1,000 taken on web page at each daypoints out the promoter Maurizio Salvadori of Trident. The pirate ship did not find a calm sea and Lorenzo’s torments also arrived on social media. There has been controversy exactly about the personnel: in Fermo, the weekend after Barletta, the labor inspectorate found 17 unlawful workers, who had been then regularized with a fantastic by the 4 corporations that employed them. The associations
environmentalists locals talk of a adverse impression on the sensitive ecosystem of the beaches. These are specious controversies, with the WWF we have monitored just about every possible criticism – concludes Salvadori -. What issues is that we express a crucial awareness message and that we depart the cleanest shorelines how we identified them.

Jova slips into the wardrobe for 1 final time. It looks like Jack Sparrow arrives out. A person more selfie – and if in the area there Morandi delivers framing lessons -. Another a single. They leap on him but there is no pressure. 1 very last shot. And off to the stage. The rest present. And that need to be expert there, in the presence, in between sand and decibels, burns and beer, hugs and choirs.


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