TEOM Tax: Top 17 Cities Experiencing the Highest Increase in Household Waste Collection Tax

In each city, taxpayers pay the TEOM tax for the removal of household waste. The latter has particularly increased in about twenty cities.

The TEOM tax (household waste collection tax) concerns the removal of household waste and must be paid by the owners of the accommodation or by the usufructuary. A landlord who rents can recover the amount directly in the collective charges. The tax is paid at the same time as the property tax. And according to a study by FSL, it has increased by 2.2% this year. But there are stark disparities.

To find out if you are affected by this tax, you have to look at your tax notice. Otherwise, it is possible to go to the tax site in the particular space, which provides all the information on the housing tax.

Why is this tax increasing?

The increase in the household waste collection tax is due to the general context of rising prices. It makes it possible to finance the collection of household waste, but its amount depends on each municipality. This tax concerns the 192 cities with more than 40,000 inhabitants and will then redistribute 3 billion euros to the communities.

The 17 most affected cities

These are 17 French cities that are experiencing a strong increase. In first position is the city of Ivry-sur-Seine with an increase of 44.3%. Then, the cities of Sevran and Tremblay-en-France follow closely with 40.6%. In 4th and 5th position, the cities of Aix-en-Provence and Vitrolles experienced an increase of 32.1%.

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With an increase of 27.3%, the towns of Cholet and Istres rank 6th and 7th. Cagnes-sur-Mer and Nice experienced an increase of 23.6%. In 10th position in this ranking, we find Évreux with 18.4% and Montauban with an increase of 17.6%. Next, we find Choisy-le-Roi with 15.9%, then Arras with 14.8%.

Vannes is in 14th position with an increase of 13.7%, Noisy-le-Grand is experiencing an increase of 12.1%. In penultimate position, we find Amiens with 11.3% and Le Blanc-Mesnil in last place with an increase of 11.3%.

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