Teodor Davchev died of acute respiratory and cardiovascular insufficiency

Acute respiratory and cardiovascular failure is the cause of death. This is written in the epicrisis of 18-year-old Teodor Davchev, who died in the neurosurgery of St. George University Hospital in Plovdiv, announced bTV.

The details become clear from the document that the parents have. At the moment, the conclusion of the autopsy remains unclear.

A few days ago, the hospital said that the young man had an accident and sought medical help late.

From the epicrisis it is clear that the boy had no problems with the skull and skull bones, he had no other injuries.

The hospital has not commented yet.

The Plovdiv prosecutor’s office is investigating medical negligence in the treatment of 18-year-old Teodor. He is the son of a famous lawyer Yordan Davchev.

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