Tensions heat up, Israel’s defense minister says he is ready to attack Iran


TEL AVIV – Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz warned that his country was ready to attack Iran. The threat was issued after a drone attack on an Israeli oil tanker off the coast of Oman was blamed on Iran.

Speaking to news site Ynet, Gantz responded to whether Israel was ready to attack Iran with a blunt “yes” answer.

“We are at a point where we need to take military action against Iran,” Gantz said.

“The world needs to take action against Iran now,” he added Arab News, Thursday (5/8/2021).

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Benny Gantz’s comments come as Israel is lobbying other countries to act at the United Nations over the Mercer Street oil tanker attack that killed two people last week. The tanker, which was hit off the coast of Oman in the Arabian Sea, is managed by a company owned by an Israeli billionaire.

The United States and Britain have both blamed Iran for the attack, but neither country has provided evidence or intelligence reports to back up their claims. Iran, which along with its regional militia allies have launched similar drone strikes, has denied involvement.

Iran did not immediately respond to Gantz’s comments. However, in a letter to the UN Security Council, the charge d’affaires in New York described Israel as a major source of instability and insecurity in the Middle East and beyond for more than seven decades.

“This regime has a long dark record of attacking commercial navigation and civilian ships,” wrote Zahra Ershadi.

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