Tensions between Russia and Norway over Svalbard

The Russian embassy in Oslo has asked the Norwegian authorities to provide transit of goods for the Russian settlements on the island of Svalbard, said the Consul General of Russia in Svalbard Sergei Gushchin.

“We raised the issue with the governor of Svalbard at a meeting on May 18, and on May 25, Arctic Coal’s top executives sent him a message asking him to lifted the ban on road transit of Russian goods. The Russian embassy also sent a note to the Norwegian Foreign Ministry requesting an exception.

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It is currently being considered by the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. We hope to receive a positive response with a humanitarian goal – to ensure stability in Russian settlements, “Sergei Gushchin told Russia-24 TV.

According to the diploma, two transport containers with seven tons of food, as well as equipment for ships and cars, have been stranded on the Russian-Norwegian border since April 30. “All of this is crucial for ensuring the Russian presence of Svalbardespecially in preparation for the winter season, “Gushchin said.

Norway refused Russia for Svalbard

Norway refused Russia for Svalbard

A letter from Lavrov remained unanswered

Although the range of food available has shrunk, locals are not facing food shortages as the Arctic buys goods from European countries, the diplomat said.

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