Tenants in a Houston complex say they are still without water after two weeks of the winter storm. | Video | Univision 45 Houston KXLN

several tenants of thisapartment complex,after 2 months without water andno response from theowners.it is the community thatwe are upset, because it arrivesall work days toLoading a bucket is not easy.reporter: we entered theresidence of one of thetenants affected.my wife suffers from asthma andshe can’t stay inapartment, neither did my girl.reporter: according totenant union inhouston, during the end ofweeks to those of 100 tenantsjoined in protest, butremain unanswered andteéfonos are erased.for 2 weeks have receivedemails thatbegin that theaverages but not endingarrive.Through a statement, wethey say, 100% of our focusIt is in the community and in theneed of ourresidents. the biggest challenge likemany others in texas is thematerial shortage andmeans.yesterday decided thetenants who do not want to payrent because if they don’t cover youtheir problemsreporter: the union isdemanding to be allowedrisk an empty apartmenton the same property whilethe problem is fixed but thatopcón has also been denied.

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