Ten (healthy) tricks to lose two kilos in just one week



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Almost all nutrition experts warn of the risk of undergoing diets that promise to lose a lot of weight in a few days. In most cases the rebound effect occurs but, in addition, the body itself is affected by the food we eat … and those we stop drinking. However, sometimes it is the specialists themselves who give us tricks to lose weight, tips that can make us lose the extra kilos in a short time.

This is the case of Lauren Sullivan, a dietitian who explains to Cosmopolitan that it is more important look at quality than quantity From what we eat: “If you focus on the quality of food, there is a better chance of eating nutrient dense options that leave you satisfied.” But if we bet on poor quality food, we probably won’t get full and eat much more.


Losing weight is possible, but some products are real traps, since we do not know the effect they cause in the body

The second advice, in which many experts agree, is create a plant-based diet. Several studies have shown that people who eat fruits, vegetables, legumes and unrefined cereals gain less weight than those who carry out other types of food. One of the reasons is that these foods are rich in fiber, which slows the digestion process to leave us satiated longer and activate the metabolism.

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Ten healthy ways to lose weight

A study involving more than 100,000 people revealed that those who follow a diet with a high glycemic load gain weight. That’s why experts like Lauren Sullivan recommend eat foods with a low glycemic index, that is, those that allow the metabolism to function at a constant rate and digestion does not slow down. Some of these foods are vegetables, almost all fruits, carrots, chickpeas, lentils or whole grains.

Not over-restricting food intake is vital so as not to accumulate anxiety and avoid future binge eating.

Introduce small changes in our daily habits It’s very important. They are small variations that will allow us to lose weight with little effort: these are changes that do not cost us excessively, because otherwise it is normal to abandon them. Eating nuts instead of a bag of chips at work or using whole-grain flour and cereals instead of refined ones are just a few possible examples.

Of course, almost all nutrition experts agree to point out that you should not skip meals. Dietitian Alicia Romano explains that “eating at regular intervals during the day optimizes blood sugar control, which means that pecking is avoided.” In addition, on an empty stomach we allow ourselves more licenses with unhealthy foods or, directly, with junk food that is not healthy at all.


news-img-figure”>Eliminating alcohol is one of the big decisions (EPA EFE / Wako Remko)Eliminating alcohol is one of the big decisions (EPA EFE / Wako Remko)
news-img-caption-def”>Eliminating alcohol is one of the big decisions (EPA EFE / Wako Remko)

Another of the tricks to lose weight is to get the proteins from lean sources food. The Harvard School of Public Health recommends consuming sources of protein such as chicken breast, white fish, cheese and low-fat dairy, since they have fewer calories than other alternatives. That way we help our metabolism not to spend extra time processing carbohydrates and fats.

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Healthy tricks to lose weight

Quit alcohol It is essential (and healthy) if we want to lose weight. It provides almost twice as many calories as carbohydrates and proteins and also does not provide essential nutrients. As if that were not enough, drinking alcohol makes us eat more junk food, so it is very important to eliminate it from our diet, or at least reduce it, when we try to lose weight.


If we want to lose the kilos we have gained at Christmas, the first step is ‘a dry month’, that is, say goodbye to alcohol at least until February

Doing sports is also one of the most common weight loss tips. However, Dr. Charlie Seltzer warns: “Resistance training can contribute to initially losing up to 1 kilo, due to the inflammatory response of the body, and people who exercise low intensity can burn calories, but often end up eating more or subconsciously moving less during the day to conserve energy. ” Therefore, the best is introduce sport in our day to day, but with moderation.

The penultimate advice to lose weight is write down what we eat. Several studies have shown that people who point out what they eat tend to be more successful when it comes to losing weight because it increases their awareness of what they are eating. Therefore, it is best to rely on technology and use applications to control the diet and, incidentally, also physical activity.

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Eating healthy is the first step to lose weight in the long term from a healthy and balanced diet

We finish with a classic: drink more water. Specialists explain that if we do not consume enough fluids, the body releases an antidiuretic hormone that causes water retention and, therefore, weight gain. Drinking two liters of water a day and healthy and calorie-free drinks such as coffee and tea (without sugar) will be a great decision to achieve the goal set: lose two kilos in a week.


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