Ten Hag looks at Van de Beek: ‘Ajax players must carefully consider their choice’

Ajax-trainer Erik ten Hag is not aware of the interest of Newcastle United in Marc Overmars. He has not discussed this with the director of football affairs, but agrees that his departure would be a loss.

“I can hardly imagine Ajax without him,” says Ten Hag on the Press conference. “The position of technical director is for the long term. He started things here a few years ago with a certain vision. He put structure in place and he managed things here. It has started to grow. I think that the process is not over yet. It can only grow further.”

Ten Hag himself has not heard anything from Overmars about the interest from Northern England. “No. I don’t think he’s hiding anything from me either.” The Telegraphreporter Mike Verweij points to a passage in Ajax’s annual report, which states that the former left winger has a notice period of three months. A departure would therefore not be a problem. Ten Hag was not aware of this. “Then I should read the annual report better.”

The coach himself does not want to respond to the question whether he sees a switch to Newcastle. “I am not concerned with all those kinds of rumours, or opportunities. It is definitely not the time for that. We are growing as a team during the season. I expect my players to only deal with that. Then the coach has to also lead by example, and not be preoccupied with other things than the team.”

Antony, among others, is associated with top European clubs. Players such as Donny van de Beek and Hakim Ziyech preceded the Ajax players, but they did not yet become a permanent fixture at their new club. That while a World Cup is just around the corner. “I think they will see that. They will have to weigh the choices they make very carefully,” says Ten Hag.

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