Ten dollars for “Bubb’s rope”. The owner of the race track was criticized for racism

The owner of a race track in Stokes County, North Carolina caused a stir after selling “Bubba’s Rope” as a souvenir on social media.

It was a reference to a noose that was discovered a few days ago in the garage of the only black rider in the NASCAR series, Bubby Wallace, on the circuit in Alabama.

“Buy your own Bubb’s rope for just $ 9.99. They work great and have a lifetime warranty,” track owner Mike Fulp wrote on Facebook. Many fans sharply criticized him for this, as did a spokesman for the governor of North Carolina. “It’s a horrible and shameful racist act,” Ford Porter said.

A noose in Wallace’s garage was discovered during Sunday’s NASCAR race in Alabama, and the rider called it a despicable act of racism and hatred. In recent days, he has advocated that fans should not wear the Confederate flag at races, which is a symbol of slavery for many, and has been banned by the series.

The noose incident shook the car series especially after the mass protests against racism and police brutality in the US after the death of George Floyd after the police intervention. However, an FBI investigation showed that it was not a racist act, because according to photographic evidence, the rope had been hanging on the spot since the autumn, when the garages had not yet been assigned to specific people.


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