Temptation Island village on fire, threats to the resort manager

Moments of panic in the resort that has hosted the program for years Temptasion Island produced by Maria De Filippi and conducted by Filippo Bisciglia, and Alessia Marcuzzi for the Vip version. L’Is Morus Relais village burned down on 6 August 2020 and a person was injured during the fire.

The success of Temptation Island

The seventh edition of Temptation Island has just ended and allowing the production to obtain a huge success, thanks also to the management of Filippo Bisciglia which has been at the helm of the reality show since the first edition.

To confirm what has been said, even the same Filippo Bisciglia which at Men and Women magazine had declared: “Temptation Island is one of the most beautiful loves of my life: after so many years I could find myself experiencing a moment of crisis as often happens and, instead, I fell in love with it as on the first day. Temptation is the first program that, since it started, continues to grow in listening data. What more could you want?”.

The village of Temptation Island in focus

As we had the opportunity to explain at the beginning of our article, today the media attention focuses on the accident that occurred in the resort that hosts the program every year. Temptation Island.

According to when it was also made known by Velvet Gossip, it would seem that the flames destroyed the convention hall of the resort and a management car. During the fire, only one person was injured, although not significantly, since all the guests had time to leave the facility. Following the investigation into the incident are the military of the carabinieri and firefighters who intervened on the night of the fire.

Threatening letter to the director

The malicious act would have arisen following a threatening letter in which he was asked to expel the director of the resort, Gianluca Loi.

As reported by FanPage, it was precisely the same director who told the story, who in a letter reported by the magazine in question released the following statement: “They have it like me, it seems quite clear to me, but I have nothing to reproach myself for: I don’t know who managed to make such a serious gesture. Only ignorant people do this. […] This attack will not prevent us from continuing the season: we will continue to work as we have done since we opened to ensure the best possible holiday for our customers“.

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