Temporary technical problems on Twitter with internet links

Temporary technical problems on Twitter with internet links



There was another technical glitch in the short message service Twitter. On Monday, users of the online platform were temporarily unable to use links that connect to external content. Instead, a problem with an application programming interface (API) was displayed.

Twitter itself stated that “some parts” of the platform “may not work as expected”. “We made an internal change that had some unintended consequences.” A short time later, however, the problem appeared to be resolved.

There have been repeated technical problems on Twitter since the takeover by technology entrepreneur Elon Musk. Musk acquired the platform in October for $44 billion (around €41 billion today). The boss of the electric car manufacturer Tesla and the aerospace company SpaceX immediately fired the top management of the short message service and a week later around half of the then 7500 employees.

To save further costs, the multi-billionaire continued the layoffs. Many technicians were also affected. According to media reports, fewer than 2,000 employees now work at Twitter.

Experts have repeatedly warned that the wave of layoffs could endanger the smooth functioning of the platform – up to and including a possible collapse of Twitter. Content moderation has also been scaled back. According to critics, the number of hate messages on Twitter has already increased. Numerous companies are now no longer advertising on Twitter, which causes the platform to lose significant sales.


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