Telkomsel ‘turns off’ Simpati, Loop, and AS Cards, what about by.U’s fate?


Telkomsel just ‘turned off’ Sympathy, Loop, and the US Card which was then melted into Telkomsel Prepaid. What about fate by.U?

by.U is a Telkomsel prepaid customer. It’s just that the concept is different, by.U is present as operator digital, in which the upstream to downstream process is performed digitally.

In accordance with its role as a digital operator in Indonesia, by.U is provided by Telkomsel for customers whose daily lives cannot be separated from the internet.

At the age of 26, Telkomsel has made changes, starting from the new Telkomsel logo which is more modern to product efficiency, Sympathy, Loop, and Kartu AS merged into Telkomsel Prepaid. Then, Kartu Halo changed so Telkomsel Hello.

So, luck by.U Like what?

Regarding this, Telkomsel’s VP of Corporate Communications, Denny Abidin, made sure that he was not affected by the changes made by Telkomsel.

“by.U has not changed. From the beginning, by.U has its own market segment, specifically targeting easy Gen Z children who are digital savvy,” said Denny.

Since it was launched in October 2019 until May 2021, Telkomsel revealed that the number of downloaders by.U reached 5.9 million, and currently by.U reaches all of Indonesia.

by.U is not alone as a digital operator, because now there are competitors, XL Axiata with Live.on, Indosat Ooredoo through MPWR, and Smartfren with Power Up.

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