Telkomsel Presents the First 5G Access Experience in Papua – Telkomsel continues its commitment to gradually and measurably expand education and access to 5G network experience so that it can reach all levels of society to eastern Indonesia.

Continuing consistency in implementing this commitment, Telkomsel is deploying a 5G network in Bumi Cendrawasih for the first time as well as to present the latest digital technology experience in the momentum of the XX Papua National Sports Week (PON) 2021.
During the national sports event, the public and visitors can enjoy digital experiences using the 5G network through the showcase ‘Telkomsel 5G Experience Center’ located in the Lucas Enembe Stadium area, Papua.

President Director of Telkomsel Hendri Mulya Syam said, supporting the 2021 PON XX Papua, Telkomsel as part of the TelkomGroup became the first leading Indonesian digital telecommunications operator to present digital connectivity experiences with the leading 5G broadband network technology for the Papuan people.

“We hope that the implementation of Telkomsel’s 5G network technology can continue to be accelerated in a measurable, gradual and evenly distributed manner. PON XX Papua 2021 is the right one to introduce and provide access to digital connectivity experiences with leading-edge 5G technology that have a positive impact on people in Eastern Indonesia. , especially Papua. This initiative is part of efforts to strengthen an inclusive and sustainable national digital ecosystem by presenting Trifecta Digital Telkomsel, as a provider of Digital Connectivity, Digital Platform, and Digital Services,” said Hendri in his press statement, Tuesday (5/10).

As is known, 5G network technology can provide a better broadband access experience than the previous generation, including faster data connections for smoother downloads and streaming, very low latency levels that can make connections more responsive, and connect more devices without worrying. reduce network quality. During the preparation period for the 5G network in Papua, Telkomsel itself has tested the speed of the 5G network in Sorong, and recorded a download speed of up to 1Gbps with a latency of 8ms.

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As the first 5G operator present in Eastern Indonesia, Telkomsel brings digital experience of 5G technology by holding the ‘Telkomsel 5G Experience Center’ at the Lucas Enembe Stadium. A number of use cases supported by 5G technology have also been prepared for the Papuan people and visitors who want to experience the latest leading-edge digital technology, including 5G virtual reality (VR) live which presents virtual moments of conditions directly in the stadium, 5G VR based drones for see the entire stadium area, and 5G VR Tourism which presents educational content of Papua’s natural and cultural wealth with a different digital experience.

In order to maximize the exclusive experience of 5G technology, at this showcase Telkomsel opens opportunities for customers who want to access the 5G network directly from their 5G smartphone.

On this occasion, Telkomsel also introduced a self-provisioning feature for 5G services that can be accessed through the MyTelkomsel application. Through this feature, customers can confirm whether the device, simcard, location is already possible to get access to Telkomsel 5G network and services. With this feature, customers can also activate/provision a 5G profile for their mobile number.

To be able to enjoy the Telkomsel 5G network and services to the fullest, customers must ensure that the number has activated 5G services, a smartphone that supports the Telkomsel 5G network, uses an old SIM card of the USIM type, and is in a location that has 5G network coverage.

“By carrying the #YangKitabisa spirit to accelerate the progress of the digital ecosystem in Eastern Indonesia, including Papua, Telkomsel continues to be committed to opening wider opportunities for all levels of society through the use of Telkomsel’s leading technology. We hope that the presence of this digital connectivity experience through Telkomsel 5G can be a step “This is the first step in encouraging more comprehensive progress for the Papuan people, as well as encouraging the presence of equal opportunities for all people in eastern Indonesia to gain access to leading digital lifestyle experiences,” said Hendri. [faz]

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