Telia, Apple | Telia opened the 5G network in Oslo on Monday

Now the rollout is starting to gain momentum.

On Monday, Telia announced that 5G had really arrived in the capital.

This happens to happen the day before Apple will unveil four new mobile phones with 5G on Tuesday night.

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For easterners

According to the company, they have upgraded 240 base stations in the capital with 5G, and this is mainly happening in a belt from the city center and out into Groruddalen.

The 5G coverage in Oslo is initially from the city center and northeast of the city. Neither the western edge nor the southern districts get coverage right away.

– With a 5G phone in hand, you can now experience the groundbreaking mobile technology in key locations such as Grünerløkka, Karl Johan, Majorstua and Frogner, and several locations and areas get access continuously, says CEO of Telia Norway, Stein-Erik Vellan, in a press release.

According to Telia, several districts on the western edge will receive 5G coverage in the coming months, and they will have coverage within ring 3 at the beginning of next year.

The first major opening in Norway

Telia has previously opened in Lillestrøm and Trondheim, and according to the company’s coverage map, they have also now received coverage in Bergen city center.

This is the first major development of the 5G network in Norway. Telenor, for example, has not expanded much more than just outside the Storting in the capital, in addition to parts of Trondheim.

– We see that the 5G phones, which are available in many different price ranges, are becoming increasingly popular among our customers. Today, we have around 40,000 5G phones in our network, and we expect that both the number of phones and 5G use will increase in the future, especially in Oslo, says Vellan.

Apple is dominant in the mobile market in Norway, and their introduction of new mobile phones on Tuesday is expected to be the real kick-off for 5G.

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