Telfar has a new bag (and sells it on a television channel in the style of telemarketing) | fashion

If there has been a successful product (with permission from the tracksuit and the crocs) in these months of pandemic it has been the Telfar bag. Although he created it five years ago, it was in 2020 when celebrities began to wear it in their networks. Nothing out of the ordinary in the dynamics of the so-called it bags or best-selling luxury bags, if it were not for the fact that it costs between one hundred and three hundred depending on the size. But, to the feat of making the star system want to show off affordable handbags proudly, we must add the fact that Telfar has been a firm that advocates queer and anti-racist activism since its founding fifteen years ago. Hence, at the beginning of 2020 the specialized media began to call these bags the ‘Birkin de Bushwick’, as coveted as the jewel in Hermés’ crown but with a background speech (and a price) typical of the most modern neighborhood of Brooklyn

If in recent years, before becoming a global phenomenon, the designer of Liberian origin presented his proposals in formats full of irony (designing the uniform of the fast food chain White Castle or using the Century 29 outlet as a catwalk and point of exclusive sale), yesterday, as part of the New York week, Telfar Clemens gave a press conference to present his new bag and his television channel. Literally. Together with the artist Karlis Williams and the rapper A $ AP Ferg, the designer announced, as if it were a global event, that he had a new viral model: a duffle bag, that is, a sports bag of a lifetime but in vegan leather and the logo of the house engraved on the sides. Because another of the elements that make Telfar the great exception in this industry is precisely that the success of its products does not have to do with aesthetic inventions or complicated designs; On the contrary, the most viral bag of 2020 was, plain and simple, a shopping bag. “One day in the middle of the Christmas season it occurred to me when I saw people running with the typical cardboard bags from shopping centers,” he told S Moda in an interview.

The brand’s new accessories will be sold on Telfar.Tv, a downloadable television channel from Apple TV that will broadcast the collection for 24 hours as well as videos sent by the brand’s customers. It may seem like a crazy idea, but the truth is that it has much more practical sense than it seems: part of the appeal of the company’s products is that they are sold through drops, that is, in very limited runs that are announced by surprise . In these months, the massive success of the bag has made digital bots take over most of the units and then sell them for up to five times their value on resale websites, something that, of course, not only happens with Telfar, but also with the rest of the brands, especially urban ones, that work through this sales system. But in his case the problem is greater, since the affordable price, together with the shortage of units, is the key to his success.

With this new ‘television’ strategy, which will most likely be implemented by other similar firms, Telfar wants to regain absolute reins in its relationship with customers. They are the ones who, through QR codes that will appear on the channel, will be able to acquire the coveted pieces, also the new bag, which promises to have the success of the previous one.

But beyond that, this way of presenting the collection, taking several steps beyond the traditional streaming and the usual digital sales channels, is a way to create an independent community, away from the bombardment of trendy content that is released daily. On Instagram. For Telfar, which does not have a physical store and bases part of its success on the feeling of belonging (the idea that the logo explains the lifestyle of the person who carries it), creating a television channel in the style of the old telemarketing does not It is a nod to the past, but a very innovative bet.


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