Teleworking: exercises to avoid neck pain, lower back and tone the back

To work more relaxed and without discomfort, they recommend practicing these exercises at least two or three times a day

The current situation forced many people to adapt to quarantined work in a new way called telecommuting. The President of the Council of Ministers, Pedro Cateriano, announced that said measure will continue until the end of July of next year in order to safeguard the health of hundreds of Peruvians in the framework of the still critical pandemic.

To make this situation more bearable, without complaints or back discomfort, we suggest you practice these exercises that the portal shares The confidential. They will help you reduce low back pain that can appear when you sit for a long time and in a bad position.

1. Get into a quadruped position and arch your spine up like a camel lowering your neck, hold on for five seconds, and arch up, stretch your neck and hold on for another five seconds. Rest for a couple of seconds and repeat the exercise five times.

2. Lie on your stomach, at the same time raise your legs and arms, lift your neck up and hold for ten seconds. Relax and repeat the exercise three more times.

3. In quadruped, raise your right arm so that it is parallel to the ground, and do the same with your left leg. Hold on for five seconds and repeat with the left arm and the right leg. I repeated ten times.

4. Bend your knees and hips until you feel on your heels while flexing your neck down. Stretch your hands out as far as you can and resist for 30 seconds before returning to your starting position.

5. Lie on your back, bring your knees to your chest and wrap your arms around them, hold for 30 seconds and return to your starting position.


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