Telenet introduces 5G in the first regions around Leuven, Antwerp and the coast – Tablets and telephones – News

Telenet has started the phased release of 5G to customers. Customers with a 5G smartphone and the right subscription can receive 5G from 6 December in the regions around Leuven, Antwerp and the coast.

Telenet makes known that customers with a ONE, ONEup, KLIK and KING or KONG Business subscription will soon be able to receive 5G. Telenet is gradually making 5G available in the aforementioned 5G zones.

Telenet does not charge any extra costs for a connection with 5G. It is intended that customers with the BASE, WIGO, King, Kong, Telenet Mobile or Telenet Business subscriptions will have access to 5G at the beginning of 2022.

The coverage area will be expanded further in the coming years. In 2022, Telenet expects to be able to serve other large Flemish cities. In 2025, the entire Telenet and BASE network must be equipped with a 5G connection.

The start of 5G in Belgium is not going smoothly. This is partly due to the frequency auction that has yet to take place. This is now planned for the second quarter of 2022. Temporary licenses have been made available in the meantime. The Belgian Minister of Telecommunications, Petra De Sutter, wants 70 percent of the population in 2023 has access to 5G.


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