Tefaf robbers fled on electric scooters, possible accomplice in the picture


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The four men suspected of the robbery at Tefaf . art fair in Maastricht, last Tuesday, drove off after their act on two electric scooters. That’s what the police say Investigation NL on RTL5.

Police released photos of the four and a possible fifth suspect, who bought Tefaf tickets for the robbers the day before.

Security footage shows the four men entering one by one, gathering and preparing for their act. Then a man with a sledgehammer smashes a display case and the others keep visitors at a distance with a firearm.

“Barely two minutes later they give up and run off at a trot,” the police said. Moments later, a witness outside sees four men in duos driving past on two electric scooters. The police suspect that the four got into another vehicle moments later and are calling on witnesses to come forward. “Any information, however unimportant it may seem, is most welcome.”

Walking route of the staff

According to two Tefaf employees who were present at the robbery, the men fled via a route unknown to the general public, reports The Telegraph† “They ran through a staff walking route. That was behind the scenes. It is remarkable, because they apparently knew the road well. It was also the fastest route out,” one of the employees told the newspaper.

Jewelry was stolen during the robbery. No one was injured. The police arrested shortly after the robbery, two Belgians, aged 22 and 26, showed “very suspicious behaviour”. They were released on Wednesday and are no longer suspected.

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