Teenagers die from using adulterated drugs they bought on social networks

Teenagers died after consuming adulterated drugs that they bought through Snapchat, and other social networks. It happened in Santa Monica.

“I am here to warn about the dangers of social networks where drugs and other crimes enter our lives through our children“said Sam Chapman, while demonstrating in Santa Monica, in front of the headquarters of Snapchat, a popular application among young people to share videos and photos.

His 17-year-old son Sammy died in February 2021 after poisoning himself with fentanyl, a highly potent and addictive opiate that was hidden in a drug that the young man obtained through Snapchat.

According to Chapman, a trafficker contacted his son on Snapchat and showed him a “menu” with pills of all colors. “

In the end, I told him that he made deliveries (…) as if it were a pizza.”

Together with other relatives of victims, she asks Snapchat and other platforms used by young people to take concrete measures to contain this trend.

Source:El Universal/Photo:file/abv

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