Tedenby decides classics with sensational penalty

The game – The change principle with two equivalent goalkeepers is then overturned when one of the goalies has a hot phase. As with the HCD currently Joren van Pottelberghe. With the 22-year-old, Graubünden have recently won two games and conceded only a few goals (2-1 against Geneva, 3-2 against Rappi). With another triumph, Davos would be the second team after Zug to buy the playoff ticket.

Van Pottelberghe has had little to do against Ambri for a long time. Because the Leventines lack Ösi Zwerger, the most talented offensive driver. Your chances of scoring are lukewarm, with many penalties they slow down further.

Ambri trainer Luca Cereda is patient – in two ways: The 38-year-old can become a father for the fourth time at any moment. That’s why sporting director Duca is next to him at the gang, who could take over in case of an accident. Cereda’s car is waiting in front of the ice rink. Incidentally, this is nothing special, Cereda drives to the away games anyway.

Until his team gains momentum, the Ambri coach has to wait almost until the middle of the game. A wrong referee initiates the equalization. Bianchi’s foul on Jung behind the HCD gate is not punished, Müller digs out the puck under him and catches the surprised Van Pottelberghe. For the lead, Bianchi deflects a shot from Müller in the power play, who a little later even has the possible preliminary decision on the stick, but hits the post.

Ambri could really fuel the stick fight with his core team (9 injured or sick regulars). In addition, there is also goalie Manzato, who has to get out injured after a collision with teammate Fischer and HCD-Meyer.

But the Leventines don’t keep up the pace. With his second goal Palushaj saves the Grisons in extra time. But it takes a long penalty shootout to make the decision. There, the Swede Tedenby ensures a tongue snitch with its design – world class rating!

The best – Tedenby (Davos). His penalty alone was worth the entrance fee.

The plum – Plastino (Ambri). With his positional error he enables Davos to equalize.

Gates – 9. Palushaj (Kienzle, Meyer) 1-0. 29.Miller 1: 1. 38.Bianchi (Müller, Fohrler / PP) 1: 2. 56. Palushaj (Lindgren, Nygren) 2-2. – Penalties: D’Agostini -, Ambühl -; Flynn -, Palushaj -; Müller 0: 1, Tedenby 1: 1; Sabolic -, M. Wieser -; Hinterkircher -, Aeschlimann -; Tedenby -, Müller -; Palushaj -, D’Agostini -; Ambühl -, Flynn -; Tedenby 2: 1, Müller -.

On Twitter, users can hardly believe their eyes when they see the grandiose Tedenby penalties. Here are a few reactions …

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