Teddy Syah remarries Young Leaves VS Kiki Amalia’s Marriage

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Teddy Syah officially remarries a year after Rina Gunawan’s death

Teddy Syah is said to have officially tied the knot on Sunday (11/27).

The news of Teddy Syah’s wedding was revealed by a relative’s upload.

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Secretly getting married again, check out 9 portraits of Teddy Syah and his new younger wife

Teddy Syah brought shocking and happy news.

A year after his late wife Rina Gunawan’s departure, Teddy Syah has moved on and married a young girl named Anne Kurniasih.

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Is this the figure of the young girl, Teddy Syah’s new wife?

The audience continues to focus on the news of the marriage of Teddy Syah, husband of the late Rina Gunawan.

Teddy Syah reportedly married a girl last Sunday (11/27).

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Gilang Bhaskara’s reaction when he allegedly changed his religion after marrying a Hindu

Komika Gilang Bhaskara reacted strongly via a tweet on the Twitter page.

In his tweet, Gilang Bhaskara explained that he did not care about the religion change issue raised by netizens regarding his marriage.

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Most popular: Teddy Syah frees widower at Kiki Amalia’s wedding

Most popular news series Enter Live from Teddy Syah’s wedding to Kiki Amalia, edited by Agung Nugraha.

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