TECNOLOGA / Mi 10T Pro, the mobile that democratizes 5G in Spain this Christmas

The new Xiaomi model will increase the market share of 5G this Christmas

The latest technological revolution is here to stay. 5G lands to change the world of the Internet as it is known. 2G brought SMS, 3G, mobile Internet connection, and 4G, broadband and streaming, advances that have been incorporated daily but, until not long ago, were unfeasible. The fifth generation mobile network will once again revolutionize the way people communicate. In addition to the increase in connection speed, which will be up to 10 times faster than that of the best optical fibers on the market, 5G will be remembered for bringing the internet of things. Increased response time allows more devices to be connected than ever before – the age of home is here.

In Spain, the democratization of 5G comes from Xiaomi. The new Mi 10T Pro puts 5G technology within the reach of many with a very affordable price: from 599 euros. Without a doubt, a price that contributes to the 5G market share in our country increasing by leaps and bounds.

XIAOMI’s ElMI 10T PRO: Technology within everyone’s reach

The new Mi 10T Pro, which will undoubtedly be the star 5G mobile at parties due to its fantastic value for money. This model that allows you to surf the Internet of the future thanks to 5G and Wi-Fi 6 support, with a faster download speed and a stable, strong and maximum security browsing. It has the best 5G chipset of 2020, the Qualcomm® Snapdragon ™ processor, which provides an unbeatable 5G experience. In addition to the improvement in navigation, its refresh rate stands out, the highest to date in mobile phones: 144Hz, that is, up to 144 frames per second.

Another feature that makes the MI 10T Pro one of the best high-end phones is its 6.67-inch DotDisplay FHD + screen, as well as its three cameras with ultra-clear 108MP primary sensor, 5MP macro lens and large lens. angular 13MP. Exceptional 108 MP photos and film-quality 8K videos are produced with the Mi 10T Pro.

Finally, it is worth highlighting its cover with silver ion technology, which eliminates more than 99% of bacteria in 24 hours, something especially important in the current context.

Discounts until December 26 with the #MINAVIDADXIAOMI campaign

This year, the quintessential scene of Christmas shopping will be a desk with a computer. Covid-19 has changed the habits of consumers and e-commerce platforms are facing a challenge. At ByMitu, Xiaomi’s authorized distributor in Spain, they are prepared to face it and they do the #minavidadxiami campaign, which includes extensive discounts on many of their products. In the ByMitu catalog, the consumer will find home automation and electronics products with a special discount for this year 2020.



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