Techtle Mechtle: Moravková and Čenský’s Fashion Embarrassment at Zlín Festival

And he was shocked too Jan Čenský (62), who regularly hosts the Zlín festival with his serial wife from Ordinace v rozá žádena 2. “It is not possible! Terezka, what are you wearing?’ Čenský called on Pergnerovawhen he spotted her in a black satin ensemble with large white flowers and green stripes on the pants from the chain store Dana was also wearing. “It looks like we agreed, but we didn’t,” she laughed Moravková.

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The two then greeted each other on the stage and laughed really hard at their embarrassment. “They say that when two ladies meet at a ball wearing the same model, they either hug or leave. What will you do girls? This really isn’t a coincidence.” Čenský commented on the situation. Pergnerová and Morávková embraced each other as proof that they don’t mind the fashion embarrassment. On the contrary, they took pictures together and really looked like twins in pyjamas just for a few details.

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