Technology: YouTubers’ Dream: Circuit Stream Rooftop

We know that in these times the world is changing to digital, and this is a place focused on that. Logitech teamed up with Circuit, Claro and LG to create this most innovative digital entertainment broadcast studio in the country. The infrastructure of the space will allow live broadcasts of high audiovisual quality in record time, since it will have high-end equipment so that the streamings achieve a high quality of transmission, in turn they are with sanitary measures to safeguard the well-being of talents who use the Rooftop.

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The Stream Rooftop has four rooms for content creation, each specially designed for the following types of format:

Podcasts: In the United States, more than 150 million people have listened to at least one podcast in the past 12 months. This data increased by 51% compared to 2019 (Infinitive Dial 20). To meet this growing demand, the Stream Rooftop will include a space dedicated to podcasts with Blue microphones, to guarantee sound quality, as the main protagonists, as well as an LG video-wall and Logitech webcams and video conferencing for those who already produce. video versions of their programs.

Circuit Rooftop (Geeknauta)

Gaming: Video games are one of the fastest growing trends in the world, filling stadiums and generating billions of dollars in sponsorships, media rights and advertising. (Newzoo 19). The Stream Rooftop will have an Esports area where the country’s main teams will be able to compete in local and international leagues with peripherals from Logitech G and Astro Gaming, high-resolution LG gaming monitors and Claro Gaming internet to ensure their good performance. . In addition, it will have an area from which the main gamer content generators can make their transmissions with a high level of production. Finally, it will include an environment dedicated to console video games, to compete and broadcast competitions and gameplays.

Music: This space will be promoted with different bands and artists who wish to share their art with their followers. They have Blue microphones to record the high quality vocal quality, Logitech webcams to complete the experience with high image quality and exclusive content will be made for Claro Música networks.

Community: The Stream Rooftop will include an outdoor space that will be used to generate content on sports, dance, art, gastronomy and various activities. This space will have powerful sound provided by Ultimate Ears speakers.

Gonzalo Velasco CEO of Circuit and Mario Romo Olivares, Country Manager of Logitech in Peru.  (Geeknaut)
Gonzalo Velasco CEO of Circuit and Mario Romo Olivares, Country Manager of Logitech in Peru. (Geeknaut)

“Logitech bets on the abundant talent that exists in the country by investing in this environment that will contribute to the growth of the ESports teams, providing the best conditions to enhance their ability; and containing generators, improving the audiovisual quality of your projects. We are very excited about the impact this initiative will have that will allow us to continue at the forefront of technology; Because stepping into the future is always on the right side of history. “

Mario Romo Olivares, Country Manager of Logitech in Peru.

“We are extremely pleased to be able to make our high quality Internet available for this new space, we trust that it will be an example of innovation for all sectors and brands. In this context, the slogan is to innovate and Claro is permanently and constantly committed to it, so here we are fulfilling that promise with the country. ”

José Miguel Espinosa, Image Manager of Claro Peru.

“This commitment to energize content creation is an effort that the advertising group Circuit and its agency have been making for more than 7 years, both for their clients and for their own channels, and which today will allow the best content creators to join this initiative. Along with big brands like Logitech, Claro and LG, this avant-garde and innovative space becomes a reality to meet the demands of the new viewer. ”

Gonzalo Velasco CEO of Circuit


In order to have the facilities, you would only have to contact the Circuit networks, in order to have access to what the creator and your community require. Access would be totally free, and it already depends on the spaces and agenda of the Rooftop.

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