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Are you afraid that a check gris in ? Do you really know what it means? Many fear that this symbol will be shown to them when you write and send a message in the app, this is because it is thought, in the first place, that the other person has blocked you.

However, there are also other reasons why only a gray check appears in . For this we have prepared this tutorial so that you do not panic if it appears.

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In the app, the double gray check means that your message has been sent, while the double blue check details that it has been read and that soon, the other person will respond to you.

That is why you should know, without a doubt, this about the much-feared check or gray check mark of the fast messaging application. Did you know any of them?

Remember that if a gray check appeared in your conversation, you should keep in mind what it means. (Photo: WhatsApp)


  • The first thing you have to know is that if a gray check appears for a long time, it is that your message has not yet been sent and that it will be done in the next few seconds or minutes.
  • If it has been a while and the gray double checks do not appear, then you must think that there is a bad internet connection from your sender or, it may even be in an area where there is no signal.

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  • The other reason for the gray check is that the WhatsApp application may have been crashed. For this we recommend you visit social networks in order to find out.
  • Finally, and as a last resort, a gray check means that the other person has blocked you on WhatsApp. Remember that you will not be able to see their last connection time, their profile photo or their statuses.

The best 7 WhatsApp tricks

WhatsApp is one of the few applications that cares about the experience of its users when immersing themselves in its app, that is why they update frequently, making communication between people more practical and simple. However, not everyone knows how to get the most out of the popular application.

The creators of Whatsapp They have developed various tools so that their users can navigate the application at ease. However, this is unknown to a large part of the population, it is for that reason that the same company has shared on its blog, a list of the best tricks developed by the app.

1. Hands-free voice notes: Just by pressing and holding the microphone icon and sliding up, you can lock the voice memo function to record, without having to hold the phone with your hands. An option that surprisingly works!

2. Mark main messages: To obtain this option you must use the “star” message function, where you will mark key messages that you will easily see in a central location. All you have to do is press the message that you want to save as a favorite and then touch the “star” icon.

If your device is an iPhone, you can find all the starred messages by going to Settings and Starred messages or selecting the name of the chat and tapping “Starred Messages”. For Android users, they will have to press “More options” and then ” Featured messages ”.

3. Check messages without touching the cell phone: If you want to be able to check WhatsApp without having to use your mobile device, what you have to do is download the WhatsApp web desktop app, which will project your conversations from your cell phone to a computer. So you can send messages, photos and Gif’s without having to have your computer in your hands.

4. Use stickers in conversations: Emojis are becoming a thing of the past, today stickers offer you a more fun way to express yourself. You can find them in the field where the text is entered in a conversation, in a small square icon with a folded side page, where you can also add your own stickers and bitmojis.

5. Read messages without being online: The option to hide the “Read receipts” is not the best option if you want the other person not to realize that you have read their message. That is why slightly lifting the message on the screen and opening the full text on the iphone lock screen is your best option to go unnoticed.

6. Manage who can add us to groups: There is nothing more uncomfortable than being added to a group full of strangers. That is why WhatsApp developed the option to manage who can add us to groups.

These are the 7 tricks that you probably do not know. WhatsApp always surprises us with news so it is likely that in a short time we will update our list.

To enable a contact we must go to Settings> Account> Security> Groups and select between the options: All, My contacts or My contacts except.

7. Be in control of your groups: There is a way to change the group settings so that only we can make changes to the group’s image or name. To do this, go to Group Settings and then to Edit group information.


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