Technical failure makes CNN presenter pay live mico; watch | Gabriel Perline

Reproduction/CNN Brazil

Evandro Cini was bothered by the technical failure on CNN Novo Dia

A technical failure put presenter Evandro Cini in a very tight skirt during the command of CNN Novo Dia last Friday (1st): when selecting a video on the interactive screen of CNN Brasil morning, the technical team made a mistake and put live the lawyer Ricardo Baronovsky on the air. The problem is that the way it entered the video was very curious. And it almost bordered on embarrassment.

Cini had selected the image of commentator Thais Arbex on the program’s screen to show her analysis of the vote on the Benefits PEC. Instead of the team automatically uploading the journalist’s video, footage from the neighboring studio, where Baronovsky was waiting to make his live entry, went live.

The problem is that the lawyer was, shall we say, relaxed. He appeared with his back to the camera, stretched his spine, and on top of that was fiddling with his cell phone. Luckily, the device’s screen didn’t appear sharp on the big screen, so viewers couldn’t see exactly what it was doing.

Cini, rather embarrassed, also leaned back and let out an “oops”. In addition, she extended her right arm towards the screen and looked directly at the technical team, with a visibly annoyed face due to the failure. Look:

After the complete display of Thais Arbex’s analysis, the presenter resumed the speech and did not ignore the error, but tried to relieve the tension. “Baronovsky appeared swaying a little there at the beginning, seeing the subject he will bring up in the next Freedom of Opinion, but then we managed to engage Thais Arbex’s speech”, he commented.

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