Techland wishes his ex-child Dead Island 2 all the best, and they themselves will enjoy playing it


During an interview marking the anniversary of Dying Light 2, Techland Franchising Director Tymon Smectala was asked about how he and the studio feel about Dead Island 2.

Before branching off from Dying Light, Techland released two successful Dead Island games – the original and standalone expansion Riptide. Now that the troubled sequel is finally ready to debut, here’s what Techland thinks about it:

Of course, from a business point of view, this is competition. But to be honest, I don’t think you’ll find a person in Techland who doesn’t want to play Dead Island because it’s our brainchild. It’s a game we’ve made and we’re extremely excited to see what the release will bring. Knowing how difficult it is to make games, I just keep my fingers crossed for the developers of Dead Island 2 and hope they succeed. I think that Dying Light has its own personality, so even if it’s a competition to some extent, we do a few things in a completely different way. Within the same genre, there is room for multiple games with a similar style if they stand out.

So the developers of Dead Island 2 can only wish good luck. We know development has been extremely challenging. It started a long time ago and was carried out by several studios, so I hope that the game does not suffer in the end. To be honest, I’m extremely curious what the final product will be like. We at Techland are as interested in Dead Island 2 as anyone else. And again, nothing but goodwill and support. It’s hard to make a great game, so I hope Dambuster does well and Dead Island 2 turns out to be a good game.

Dead Island 2 launches April 28th and features an intriguing procedural dismemberment system called FLESH. For its part, Techland has surpassed 30 million units sold with the Dying Light franchise and is also working on an open-world fantasy RPG based on the new IP.

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