TECH Technological University, the first in the ranking with more than 8,100 programs

TECH Technological University is the largest online university in the world in Spanish, leading the ranking by number of training programs offered by the online higher education institutions Hispanic. With more than 8,100 programs, the university leads the ranking with an educational offer, one hundred percent online, which includes undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral programs, as well as its own and continuing education programs.

The ranking by number of training programs is based on the classification of the Ranking of Higher Online Formation in Spanish Speaking (FSO), recognized as the first ranking focused on Spanish-speaking online higher education institutions. Based on this classification, the number of training programs offered by the institutions on the list has been analyzed, resulting in a new classification.

TECH Universidad Tecnológica leads this ranking, practically multiplying by six the catalog of the next university in the ranking.

Thanks to its 100% online methodology, TECH University has a presence in 24 Spanish-speaking countries, offering its students the possibility of updating or training from Ecuador with the best training programs on the international scene, from the virtual platform TECH Technological University Ecuador.

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The training offer includes bachelor’s, master’s, doctorate, own master’s degree programs, grand master, university experts, management development programs, language courses or diplomas, among others, and are supported by a large teaching staff made up of professors, full professors, attachés, adjuncts, associates, assistants and guests. All of them reference professionals in their field who collaborate with TECH to provide each program with the highest academic quality.

More than 500,000 graduates


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TECH Technological University belongs to the TECH educational group, a multinational company, with Spanish capital, which has been recognized by Financial Times among the 200 fastest growing companies in Europe for two consecutive years. It has also been considered by Forbes as “the best digital university in the world in Spanish”, thanks to an “innovative learning method aimed at training the professionals of the future”, according to the business magazine par excellence.

Your bet on digital transformation of higher education has turned the educational group into a benchmark for online learning in the Spanish language, with a presence in 24 Spanish-speaking countries, more than 100,000 students currently studying one of its programs and with more than 500,000 international graduates who chose this innovative methodology of learning to train 100% online.

Educational quality and vanguard

TECH University It has its own learning system, Re-Learning, an innovative learning methodology one hundred percent online, which allows access to quality training in a flexible way adapted to each student, accompanying them to achieve their objectives. A methodology that combines with the Harvard Business School Cases, known as Harvard’s ‘business cases’.

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The system Re-learning It is based on directed repetition and repetition over time, allowing learning to be self-managed by the student and directed by a professional teacher, with the aim that the student passes the Oblivion Curve established by the German psychologist. Hermann Ebbinghaus.

The key to the system is to choose the appropriate teaching resources and offer up-to-date and attractive knowledge that motivates the student. For this, a team of teachers and pedagogues select the most relevant of each lesson and present it as interactive multimedia elements. The result is that the concepts are assimilated more quickly and effectively, and the contents last longer in memory.



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