Tebas: “Florentino Pérez has kidnapped Barça”

Javier Tebas, President of LaLiga has heated up more if possible the matter of the march of Leo Messi of FC Barcelona. The president of the employer’s association has not hesitated to assure that “Messi’s departure was not an economic decision, I know with absolute certainty and it could be avoided, but there were negative influences from the Superliga who avoided it.

Javier Tebas has questioned in an interview with the newspaper Sport, the departure of the Argentine ’10’ from FC Barcelona. Tebas has explained the attempts so that Leo Messi could remain in the Barcelona club: «Solutions were looked for, if it is that the reason was economic. If it has been for another reason, I can no longer value it. I think that next season, with the numbers that Barça gives in this campaign, we will see if Leo Messi could really have stayed or not. I insist that it was not an economic decision, I know for sure ».

In fact, Tebas has gone further and has revealed why all the security that Laporta had in renewing Messi ended up being then nothing: the agreement with CVC. According to the president of LaLiga, Laporta “was more than a month in favor”, but “in the last 72 hours everything fell apart” and let it fall that the influence of Florentino Pérez made Barcelona end up rejecting the agreement… and condemning Messi’s renewal.

“It was a decision of influence by Ferran Reverter on Joan Laporta and his environment, and I think it is closely linked to the Superliga environment and the strategy that Real Madrid is also following,” Tebas details. “I have the feeling that at Barça there is a psychological kidnapping by Florentino and Real Madrid, like an inferiority complex,” he says.

The president of LaLiga went further and explained in a very clear way how he sees the relationship between the presidents of Madrid and Barça. «Florentino is a very intelligent guy and José Ángel Sánchez is the most empathetic in European football. All that glamor and know-how, in front of someone who has not been in the world of football for more than ten years… ».

Continuing with the agreement with CVC, the president wanted both teams to unite because “it would be the best for Spanish football”, and again stressed that it is not a mortgage on LaLiga rights, “but the enemy explained it badly for let there be confusion. “We are partnering with a company that is going to help us grow in audiovisual and commercial rights in the next 50 years, in exchange for a percentage of the profits, 10%. But not in exchange for a pledge or anything, “he explained.

Finally, Tebas in the same interview with Sport, attacked the issue of state-clubs such as Paris Saint-Germain or Manchester City, which recalled that they were already sanctioned by UEFA, although the CAS ended up absolving them: «The PSG thing it is intolerable, and as with City or other teams. I repeat, it is intolerable, it is an economic doping ».

«In the last three years, PSG has received injections of money worth 800 million. And their commercial income is 20% higher than that of European giants such as Barça, Madrid or United. It is impossible, it is out of the market. If this is not finished, football will end up having 20 sheikhs in 20 different clubs dominating everything, “explained Tebas, who believes that the solution may remain in the hands of the European Union.


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