Tears of joy and relief in New York saying “goodbye” to Trump

Crying with excitement, with shouts of joy, honking horns and banging pans, New Yorkers on Saturday celebrated the defeat of Donald Trump in this Democratic stronghold that never considered the former real estate mogul a prodigal son.

Minutes after the announcement, thousands crowded in front of the Trump Tower in the heart of Manhattan, in Times Square and other iconic spaces in the Big Apple to celebrate the victory of Joe Biden.

“You’re fired!” They yelled at Trump, alluding to the days when the billionaire hosted the reality show “The Apprentice.”

“I am overwhelmed with joy. Every morning we sit here for breakfast and criticize Trump, that’s how it has been for four years. We know Trump well from his years in New York, and he is a narcissistic sociopath. We hate him,” he told AFP Bernie Jacobs, an 84-year-old retired teacher, eating bagels and having coffee with friends near Trump Tower.

On Fifth Avenue, in front of the president’s triplex in Trump Tower, where he resided before moving to the White House in 2016, red baseball caps that read “ADIOS” in Spanish were sold like hot cakes for $ 15.

“We need to heal, and this is our chance to do it. They have taken a weight off our shoulders,” Mayor Bill de Blasio told reporters in Brooklyn’s Grand Army Plaza, where thousands danced and threw confetti.

“Change everything. Change what is possible,” said the mayor who now hopes to obtain government financial aid for the city, mired in a serious economic crisis due to the coronavirus pandemic.

“This is a historic day,” Governor Andrew Cuomo agreed in a statement. “After the darkness, division and hatred of the last four years, America has spoken and rejected more of the same.”

“We need to unite”

Cars paraded in a triumphant march honking their horns and waving American flags, some with Freddie Mercury’s song “We are the champions” blasting. Even cyclists raised their fists in victory as they passed Trump Tower, the headquarters of the Trump Organization.

“It’s amazing that we got that lunatic out of the White House. It terribly separated the country. We need to unite again,” estimated 73-year-old Eve Grub, who cheered with every car horn in Midtown Manhattan.

Catherine Griffin, 47, was crying with joy with one of her two children. “I am happy that Trump has left our lives, hopefully forever,” he said.

“That there is a bit of normalcy in our lives, and that my children can see a decent human being in charge again, that makes me happy.”

JD Beebe, 35, the director of a small online business, clapped his hands wildly as he walked down Second Avenue.

“I rejoice that I don’t have to worry every day about how ridiculous will come out of the mouths of our leadership, honestly,” he said.

“Man evicted from Queens”

The Queens Daily Eagle, from the district where Trump grew up, dismissed the president with irony on its digital front page: “Man evicted from Queens.”

“A Jamaica Estates real estate investor has less than three months in his current residence after Americans overwhelmingly voted to evict him from the White House,” the cover read.

A video on social media showed filmmaker Spike Lee uncorking a bottle of champagne in front of his Brooklyn home, and another showed people applauding a public mail carrier, whom Trump considers illegal to vote by mail. , withdrew funding before the election.

Kendall Pron, 56, wept with relief upon learning of the defeat of her former neighbor Trump.

“I explode with joy, relief, happiness. Finally after a long, long period, justice has been done,” the social worker told AFP.

Trump “turned his back on New York and now it’s all about Florida. I’d be happy if he never comes back,” Pron said.

Hiram González was trying to absorb the jubilant climate on Fifth Avenue. “I have never seen so much happiness in a city, it is super beautiful,” he said.

“Trump is a fascist, a racist, a homophobe, an Islamophobe. Everything he represents is against me and my values ​​and how I was raised,” explained this son of Mexican immigrants.

“I feel very optimistic, inspired. I am 23 years old, I am ready for the future. We have to keep moving forward as a nation.”


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